From This Place

by Logan Romans

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Made with Garageband and an audio-technica at2020 usb microphone.


released June 7, 2012

Written by: Logan Romans
Composed by: Logan Romans
All Instruments (including vocals) performed by: Logan Romans
Held under copyright by: Logan Romans



all rights reserved


Logan Romans Iowa City, Iowa

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Track Name: Dream Garden Yesterday
Waiting at the gates,
Flowers begin to inflate,
Patterns rearrange,
Colors increasing in range,

Feels like I'm living in a dream garden yesterday,
Dream Garden Yesterday

Citrus smiling sun,
Meadows are coming undone,
Sinking lemon trees,
I turn to look, but when I turn my face is facing me,

Feels like I'm living in a dream garden yesterday,
Dream garden yesterday,

Writing letters to the sky, (ahhh)
Watching the whole world go by,
Rolling around on top the grass, (ahhh),
How I want it all to last, I won't change a thing,

Drowning in ecstasy,
Sunsets never to be,
I will never leave,
We are what we perceive,

Feels like I'm living in a dream garden yesterday
Dream garden yesterday

Ahhhhhhhh (fade)
Track Name: Co-Pilot
Ascent, a beautiful day to fly,
Drag, thrust, and lift in the mind's eye,
Destination unknown,
We won't face the winds alone,

It's quiet up here, with no one near,

The Co-Pilot in the clouds,
The Co-Pilot won't come down

A daze, no stormy haze
The days, with peculiar ways,
look at the world below,
the lives that some undergo, (ooh),

We'll never land, with those demands,

The Co-Pilot in the sky,
The Co-Pilot don't pass me by,
The Co-Pilot don't touch down,
The Co-Pilot you're my sound
Track Name: Pass You By
I always stare at the clouds,
I always stare at my soul,

But there's never a time when I'll pass you by,

We always look at our feet,
We carry dreams of concrete,

But there's never a time when I'll pass you by
Track Name: From This Place
Lovely boy,
I enjoy,
Lovely, happy, fall,
Wonderful in all,

So happy to,
Know, kiss, and see you,
You glow to me,
Beautiful and free,
Dancing with no pace,
From this place
Track Name: Without A Name
Life that turns and burns the hands,
the things you see when sights unplanned,

I'll never, never, never, never, never, never,
Withstand what I became,
I'll carry on without a name

Read the book, ignore the pages,
It takes a spark to see the cages,

The hunter, always, always, always, always, always,
Has to take his aim,
I'll carry on without a name,

See so clear in black and white,
Closing doors will test your sight,
Maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe, maybe,
We're the ones to blame,
I'll carry on without a name
Track Name: Whisper
Fall and fade, unspoken,
Closing eyes, awoken,
Paths reversed, and viewing,
Innocence, so soothing,

Hidden in your quarters,
Terrified of crossing borders,
Trusting in a drifter,
Explosions came as whispers,

Give me your hand, and follow,
Life in here, so hollow,
Exit in the sunlight,
No more fear, for tonight,

Reduced to bricks and no order,
Erasing all your borders,
Now leaving with the drifter,
Explosions came as whispers
Track Name: Autumn People
Solitude give me a song,
I've been sitting alone here for far too long,

The trees too tall for climbing,
And the lake too cold to swim,
I've tried to leave this lonely place,
But the trouble lies within

Autumn people dream, of the night through iced windows,
Small flower smile, I'll be rescued in a short while
Track Name: Here am I
I am here,
Here am I,
Parting words,
with no reply,

Just broken clocks,
And falling walls,
And hands to hold,
As autumn leaves fall,

Blind despair, if you're not there,
Some say perfection, lies in a certain direction,

Think of me,
Before you go to sleep,
And the past,
You cannot keep,

When did admiration, turn to agitation,
Characteristics don't match with statistics,

Words of love, are words of loss,
A guiding voice, when all is lost,

But think of me,
Before you go to sleep,
And the past,
You cannot keep,

I'm only happy in memories
Track Name: Ceasefire
Do I know you?
Or anyone, anymore?
Why should my feet,
Touch the floor anymore?

I declare Ceasefire

Do you see me?
Or the fact that I'm gone?
I've ceased to be,
I've withdrawn,

I declare Ceasefire,

One small window,
All of those years ago,
It moves by so slow,
that I declare Ceasefire,

I hope I live on,
that I'm part of a start,
Think of me at dawn,
and your heart,

That I declare Ceasefire
Track Name: Live Through Me
You live you die,
There's no act of will,
For those like me who lye here so still,

Light is breaking,
Life is for'the taking,
Horizons we have to fulfill,


I grew the tree lovers lye beneath,
And the fields of flowers you see,
None of this could be possible,
If you wouldn't have buried me

Shadows play,
For the rest of my days,
There's no more wars to wage,

The world keeps turnin'
People don't learn an',
Eagles can't live in a cage,


I'm the cloud raining down on your rooftop,
and the tide rolling from the sea,
Snow for children to play in,
Finally I am free

I grew the tree lovers lye beneath,
And the fields of flowers you see,
No one should cry when people pass by,
I watch the world from underneath,
Now others can live through me